Camouflaged Tree House

From the creators of the Macaroni Nursery, come the Tree Hotel by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter.

The hotel itself is a suspended mirror box mounted up a tree trunk.  The mirrors reflect trees, and thus if you aren't wearing your glasses, hopefully you don't even notice the hotel within the vast forest.  The structure is made out of lightweight aluminum with a plywood interior, so it's not too heavy on the tree.  A rope bridge, something like Swiss Family Robinson, leads you up to the tree house.  Luckily, the interior is not also comprised of mirrors.

The interior is large enough for two visitors, including a bed, bathroom, small living room, and roof terrace.

There are windows within this structure, but they are also fairly hidden to blend in with the camouflaged mirrored glass.  Also, the glass is laminated with an ultraviolet color that only birds can see so that no birds will crash into the tree house.


Looks cozy to me.  All the materials allow for comfortable living in the harsh conditions of its location (Harads, Sweden - very close to the polar circle).

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