Riverside Museum - ZZZZZ

Zaha Hadid Architect's Riverside Museum on the Clyde River in Glasgow embodies a connection between the water and the city.  Through the zig-zagging facade and wave-like curving in the zinc-clad roof, Zaha Hada gives her signature loose style a more specific application to the city of Glasgow.

R: Interior strip lighting inside the museum follows the exterior curve of the roof and ceiling.
L: The zinc cladding extends from the roof down to the sides of the building.

“Through architecture, we can investigate future possibilities yet also explore the cultural foundations that have defined the city. The Riverside Museum is a fantastic and truly unique project where the exhibits and building come together at this prominent and historic location on the Clyde to enthuse and inspire all visitors. The design, combining geometric complexity with structural ingenuity and material authenticity, continues Glasgow’s rich engineering traditions and will be a part of the city’s future as a centre of innovation.” - Zaha Hadid

My Dream Desk

For all the hours I can spend working on the computer, I personally would greatly appreciate having a touch of wildlife incorporated into my work desk.  I would plant some delicious-smelling herbs to spice up (no pun intended) my workspace. Thanks Love Hulten!

Another Layered-Plywood Piece

Aeroply by Karolina Ferenc