Favorites from the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011

After reading Wallpaper's article on the Stockholm Furniture Fair of 2011, I decided to post my favorites.

'Desiree' outdoor table by Swedese

Light by Ensemblen

'Myk' clock by She Design Studio at the Greenhouse

Österlen by Inga Sempé for Gärsnäs

Dream Teen Party House

Peter Stamburg and Paul Aferiat of Stamburg Aferiat Architecture in New York have created this residence just north of the Hamptons inspired by "zinging colours of Miami Deco and 1980s Po-Mo."  The fragmentation of colors, shapes, and structures is to resemble that of a Cubist composition - every different plane is given a different exciting and bright color.  An intentional homage is paid to Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion by the inclusion of two separate pavilions surrounding a central pool.  This house is fun in theory, but it's a little too bright for my own tastes.



This video on the NY Times website gives a great look into the office building of Pixar as well as all the computer animation work that goes into it.


The Swedish Take on Bike Helmets

Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin designed this bicycle helmet that may initially recall images of the Michelin Man, but in reality "the protection should keep the sense of freedom that goes with bicycling and not ruin your hair." This fashionable helmet, in the works now for the past 6 years, is worn around the neck, and when abnormal movement occurs, an airbag releases and surrounds the head.