TRAVEL: Basque Health Department

As I have now embarked on my summer European travels, I recently spent a few days in Bilbao, Spain.  Of course I saw the Guggenheim, which was very exciting with all it's folds.  Yet, I spotted this building while strolling the streets, and it's many reflective planes caught my attention.  After some research, I discovered it's the Basque Health Department Headquarters.  Designed by Coll Barreau Arquitectos, the facade has two layers to comply with zoning and fire code requirements.  The extra layer allows the building to breath, providing a filter between the interior and exterior.

To read more and see many more photographs (much better than my quick snapshot above), read the ArchDaily.com article here...


Be Kind to Your Chicken

I've been reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle lately, and it's really increased my awareness of the treatment of animals before we eat them (or not, just treatment in general).  There is also a chicken plant close to my house here in Athens, and it emits the most disgusting smells.  With all that said, James Ramsey, founder of New York's Raad studio, has designed the Chicken Co-Op: a stylish, luxurious, and chicken-friendly home.

While I was in the mindset, I found a couple of other stylish chicken homes.
Left: Drew Water's Handcrafted Chicken Coops
Right: Frederik Roije's Breed Retreat


The Roots

I love this line of chairs: Di Corte by Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio, and Elisabetta Amatori of the Italian group Resign

The Next Stage of the Art Nouveau Stair

Atmos Studio included these stairs in their project in Clapham.  I see this as an evolution of the Tassel House stairs by Victor Horta.  It's also very Gaudi-like, but I may just be thinking about that because I'm excited for my fast-arriving trip to Barcelona.

Food Storage without a Refrigerator

Today when talking to my grandmother, I was reminded of this video I saw about a year ago on Dezeen. This clip is from Milan 2010 Food and Design.  My favorite piece included is the food storage system, Shaping Traditional Oral Knowledge, by Japanese student Jihyun Ryou.  She combines sand with a little water to replace a refrigeration system needed for vegetables.  This is based on old family traditions, just as my grandmother told me her step-father used to store potatoes, carrots, and radishes in a dirt-filled cabinet when she was younger.  (I think I prefer the sand.)  This is a great way to eliminate those CFCs.

To read and see more from this event, click here...


Rib Cage

The Dutch firm Origin's Architects have designed the motion graphic design firm OneSize's office.  They created this wooden rib cage to separate the office into 3 different functioning meeting rooms: one open, one enclosed, and one dark enough for projections.


Bike Seat

In honor of last night's Twilight race here in Athens, this is Portuguese Rui Alves's Tour Chair.