I've been conducting research for my current retail interior design project, and I found the Octium Jewelry project in Kuwait.  Designed by Spanish Jaime Hayon, the space includes suspended lights inserted in display boxes, a central cylindrical display area, and wall insets all to display different jewelry designs.  My favorite detail is the light entering the box from above.


Hostel Pod

I've seen my fair share of Italian hostels this summer, but none like this. Antonio Ravalli Architetti's MiNO youth hostel is composed of modular pods that 2-3 persons can inhabit. An old factory building in Migliarino, Italy has been converted to the hostal. The fabric pods are supported by tension rods and sit on a wooden base, to give an indoor camping kind of feel.

Elevated Shipping Container

In my studio class this summer, we're completing a project where we design a pop-up shop in a shipping container for a local Cortonese craftsperson. We've needed to do some research on different architectural projects with shipping containers, and this just happened to be on the front page of Dezeen when I signed on this morning. The project, "Sky is the Limit," by Portuguese Didier Faustino serves as an observation deck in South Korea. Read more here...