Making of Novum Magazine Cover

This great video shows the process of the physical creation of a magazine with a twist on the standard cover.


Ark Nova by Isozaki and Kapoor

This is a great video promoting the "Ark Nova," a mobile music hall by Arata Isozaki and Anish Kapoor.  The concert hall will travel across Higashi Nihon, the area devastated by the earthquake of March 2011.  This video is a great treat as it evokes a Alfred Hitchcock kind of title sequence to introduce the structure. 


Ben Ben is leaning!

The Washington Monument is cracked, and now it has been released that Big Ben is leaning.  Yes, maybe this photo is altering the true exaggeration of this lean visually in person, but it's been reported as becoming gradually worse and worse each year.  If it is not fixed soon engineers say Ben will fall over.  Ooops! For more, read the article on Hg2 Blog.


Field of Lights

Bruce Munro, a lighting designer from England, has created "Field of Lights," a lighting installation part of the Eden Project in Cornwall, England.  Munro created these bulbous sprouts from acrylic tubes filled with fiber optics, and the tubes sit on top of a green roof on the premises.  "Field of Lights" is inspired by the way a desert flowers after a rainstorm, specifically encountered by Munro in the Australian red dessert.

"For me, it is a natural medium to use." - Munro on his use of lighting design