Cascais, Portugal
Photography by Francisco Nogueira

Eduardo Souto de Moura used a "regionalist approach," using the common urban images of towers, lighthouses, silos, and chimneys as inspiration.


Doggy Room

I read this article on Dezeen about a house by the Japanese architecture firm Gento, and I really just loved this picture. The house is a renovation that uses several built-in tables to define different spaces. This whole house seems to be about gaining privacy from neighbors and to set clear boundaries for very specific spaces (such as the "hobby room"), but I'm glad there is also a doggy room.


Black Panther

I think the reason I like this building so much is because it is actually called the MP09 Black Panther.  Designed by the Austrian firm GSArichitects, the Black Panther is a headquarters for a company specializing in jewelry and spectacles (the Patchleitner Group).  The concrete base supports a large, black tiled cantilever, jutting out like a panther ready to pounce (this is what they intended and not my own creative license).

"The desired expression of concentrated tension and dynamism, amplified by long window strips, suits the company’s philosophy that enabled a small family business from the post-war years to develop into a company of global reach..."


Boomerang Wok

Nikolai Carels has created the Boomerang Wok for Royal VKB.  This no-mess wok has a cupped edge to prevent food from spilling.  There is no need for lifting up the pan.  This is the only color available, but luckily this gray is one of my favorite colors.  I want to add this to my kitchen collection, but it costs 99 euros.  I'll put it on my wish list.


French Kerozene Design has designed the Loopita, a swirling outdoor seat.  You assemble this yourself, giving some you extra creative freedom within their design.  It comes in single, double, and triple loops. A solid wood version is available for indoor use.