Inspired by the night sky...

I've been finding myself admiring many architectural and design works resembling the night sky. I wanted to share a few of my favorites today.

The Van Cleef & Arpels exhibition 'L'Art de la Haute Joaillerie' in Paris is a collaboration with design agency Jouin Manku. The pieces are illuminated much like constellations in the sky, with the dark blue backdrop contrasting with the jewelry.

This tram stop at Rotonda de Sergio Cardell in Alicante, Spain is designed by SUBARQUITECTURA, and this cover provides shelter from the elements while consistently mimicking the night sky.

Architect Tiago Barros proposed his "Passing Cloud" design to the Van Alen Institute and the Department of Cultural Affairs of New York City as an in a high-speed rail competition. The idea actually contradicts the traditional goal behind a high-speed rail, to get to a particular location at a particular time in a particular manner. The "Passing Cloud" is just that, a free-floating mode of transportation that takes one from one point to another, but in a much freer nomadic type way. It didn't win the competition, but has gained a tremendous amount of attention. Sounds like a great holiday to me.

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