ZH - JS Bach Chamber Music Hall

As I've started my thesis research to design a concert hall space in Athens, Georgia, I've been researching many concert Halls.  A favorite of mine comes from another favorite of mine, Zaha Hadid Architects.  Zaha Hadid's JS Bach Chamber Music Hall installation at the Manchester Art Gallery is wrapped in a translucent fabric membrane stretched across a steel structure suspending from the ceiling.

The ribbon swirls and twists around the space, much like Bach's own harmonies, as the firm describes.

"Pivotal to is function is the performance of the ribbon. It has been designed to simultaneously enhance the acoustic experience of the concert while spatially defining a stage, an intimate enclosure, and passageways. It exits at a scale in which it is perceived a both an object floating in a room as well as a temporal architecture that invites one to enter, inhabit, and explore."

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