This Post Is about a Toilet

Kohler has released the Numi toilet. Now after seeing this featured on Design-Milk, I was initially interested because I've been writing an art history paper on Marcel Duchamp's Fountain. He and other French visitors to America around World War I were particularly interested in the American bathroom. The convenience, the intimacy, the engineering, and the modernity of the porcelain toilet bowl was like nothing ever experienced.  It was so fascinating that Duchamp, Edward Weston, Diego Rivera, and even D.H. Lawrence devoted a portion of their art career to the toilet.

Now after saying all of that, this toilet is like nothing I have ever seen before. Features include a motion-activated seat and lid, a self cleaning wand and deodorizing vacuum in the bidet, a seat heater, feet warming, illuminated panels (for the ultimate visual experience), music, and a remote control for your potty.

So this is the ultimate toilet (at least for this year). I hope that more and more ultimate toilets begin to appear on the market. My favorite thing about the Kohler's site for the Numi is all the editorial fashion photographs. They are just stunning.

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